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Gathered Here 2023 Gifts in Wills Report

Over 15,000 online wills analysed to provide Australian nonprofits with data-driven, transformative insights.


Download the 2023 Gifts in Wills Report


About the report

Gathered Here's second annual Gifts in Wills Report analyses 15,383 wills written online in the 12 months preceding January 1, 2023.

It also analyses the charitable gifts pledged in those wills, estimated to be worth an incredible $224 million. 

The report seeks to provide fundraising professionals with meaningful data on supporter demographics and giving behaviour, as well as guidance on growing bequest revenue. 

Readers can expect to learn about the typical gift-pledger, their giving habits, which regions are most generous, and which causes attract the most support. 

Information is also included about the impact of charity campaigns, giving rates among existing supporters, and tips on attracting new and generous donors.

We hope you enjoy this report and can apply its findings to your own gifts in wills strategy.